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Canvas & Cabaret

By Tara Babette

Gipsy nightclub, known historically as one of the first gay night clubs in the country, was packed at 8:30 pm, Saturday April 6th, for Robin Slonina’s art show, “Canvas and Cabaret.” Gipsy Club Promoter, Garrett Pattiani gave Slonina a warm welcome and spoke highly of her during his introduction-- “She is a dear friend that has done so much for our community.”

"Canvas and Cabaret,” is the first art show within the walls of the iconic nightclub, Gipsy, produced by Slonina. With a smile on her face and microphone in her hand she took the attention off of herself and promoted the need for more art shows within the venue; promoting dear friend and local artist, Gina BoBina. “I think next time we will have to get a little Gina BoBina in here” Slonina said while continuing to praise Gipsy and partnering artists for helping with the art show's turnout. In addition to art displayed throughout the nightclub, Slonina brought in performing art group “The Double Time Twins.”

Promoted through social media and LGBTQ weekly magazine QVegas, the bar was busy as over 50 guests came to support Slonina’s event. The large screen behind the bar showcased video of the many projects Slonina has worked on over the years. As guests enjoyed conversations with friends, many took time to enjoy the video, a memorizing edit of the variety of body paint projects Slonina has produced through her company, Skin City.

Local artist Robin Slonina continues to proliferate Las Vegas with her visions, high quality creativity and pizazz. Follow her on instagram @robinslonina or stop by her art gallery, Slonina ARTSpace, every Second Saturday to get a view of her select artists and a personal conversation with one of Las Vegas’s finest. Find out more about their events and classes @SloninaARTSpace.

Tara Babette Shuttleworth

Writer @tara_babette_shuttleworth

Owner and Event producer @babetteseventslv

Curator and Performing Artist @skylarskyeevans

I'm currently looking to produce a performance art piece and seeking performing artists. Please reach out to me @skylarskyeevans

Photos from Tara Babette Shuttleworth & Gipsy Nightclub

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