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Cutt'N Up Hair party

By *CoCojenkins @cocojenkinsbeats

Last Monday night marked a vibrant celebration of Black Hair Culture, breaking away from the traditional Hair Shows into the realm of a lively Hair Party. Hosted by Lost Vehgus, renowned for his Semester Year Book photo events, this gathering was another testament to his knack for themed photography parties that ignite excitement. Set against the backdrop of The Wall inside the whimsical Area 15, DJ Carolina Connect spun tunes while dancers from The Ladies Room added an extra layer of energy with their choreographed moves.

This event wasn't just about spectating though-- it was an invitation to dance, vibe, and express yourself through your hairstyle. The mantra? The more creative, the better. Attendees embraced the opportunity to showcase their unique styles, whether it was flaunting big hair, intricate braids, or accessorized and meticulously styled locks. As a bonus, they left with professional photos capturing their perfectly coifed 'dos, courtesy of the event.

The displays of creativity and self-expression through hair were nothing short of captivating, with attendees pushing the boundaries of style in fun and inspiring ways. One standout contributor was barber, loctician, and stylist Nik Sol, who utilized the platform to "be creative, network, and play with hair," styling an impressive five models for the occasion.

When asked about the inspiration behind the event, Lost Vehgus reminisced about his upbringing, where his mom's talent for styling hair was a central element of daily life. Early influences included a multitude of hairstyles, cartoons on TV, and his own vivid imagination; he credits these with shaping the essence of the event.

For more snapshots of the stunning hairstyles showcased at the party, be sure to follow @vehgus on social media.

Photo gallery photos by Lost Vehgus

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