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Earth Day Las Vegas 2024

Photos by Rodrigo Jau

RAOW RAOW Arts Collective teamed up with The City of Las Vegas for a vibrant Earth Day Festival on April 20, 2024. Known for creating inclusive, safe spaces, RAOW RAOW hits the mark by welcoming families without focusing solely on them.

Every piece of art at the festival had a unique meaning and purpose. Our top pick was inside the "Raow Raow Sanctuary," featuring works by renowned body paint and visual artist Robin Slonina. Her interactive prickly pear garden was both fun and educational. Large-scale pieces by RAOW RAOW members were thoughtfully placed around the Sammy Davis Jr. Theater, a stunning venue nestled in the back of Lorenzi Park. The standout of the night was "April," a gigantic puppet symbolizing the blend of art and sustainability.

Eco-conscious vendors, curated by Market in the Alley, added to the festival's charm. Attendees enjoyed jewelry, fashion, and even organic produce from local artisans and small businesses. Attendees also got to enter to win a FREE TREE for their home with non-profit Nevada Plants.

The stage lit up with incredible performances by local talents, including the Las Vegas Afro-Caribbean Drummers, 56 Hope Road—a Bob Marley cover band, and the jazz/hip-hop fusion group Noir Movement, and that was just the music. Numerous dance troupes like the legendary Full Force Crew lent their talents to the show.

This Earth Day Festival was a celebration of art, community, and sustainability, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of RAOW RAOW Arts Collective. If you're into art, music, expression, and decolonizing, check out RAOW RAOW at @itsraowraow on IG and

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